Avoid Tearing Your Family Apart Over An Estate Dispute

If someone you know is recently deceased and you or someone else in the family is not happy with the last wishes in a will, a dispute in probate court could be in your future. However, before you start disputing in probate, you should know that these types of disputes can take years and years to settle. The fastest way to settle a dispute over someone's last will and testament is through mediation services. Check out some of the benefits of mediation services for you and your family members. 

Maintaining Long-Term Relationships In Your Family

You may have noticed that one of the people in your family has changed since the death of a loved one. maybe that person seems despondent or angry towards you, especially if you are listed in the will in question. If you noticed this change towards you and you know that person was not included in the deceased person's will, you could end up dealing with a contested dispute with that person. During mediation, you will be able to learn more about that person's feelings about the reasons he or she was left out. You can also learn why that person feels he or she should have been included in the will. Being able to discuss the final wishes of a deceased loved one with all members of the family involved in the dispute is the best way to work things out. Having an objective mediator present can reduce arguing and sometimes the mediator can see solutions you or the other party may not. Losing the trust and companionship of someone in your family over money or property left in a will is not worth it.

Avoid Long, Expensive Or Embarrassing Court Battles

Disputes over estate issues in probate are notorious for lasting a long time, sometimes even years and years. Fighting with other family members in probate court can mean you ending up with extremely expensive fees adding up for lawyers and court costs. Avoid these expenses and fighting in court over the course of years by choosing mediation services. Another benefit of private mediation services is you do not have to worry about discussing private family matters in an open public court. Through mediation services, you and your family members are able to sit down and talk out the problems between you over the last will of a deceased loved one.

Mutual Agreements Can Be A Lot Better Than Court-Ordered Ones

One great benefit of mediation sessions is you and the people you are disputing with can come to agreements you both have input about. You or the disagreeing party with you will not get to sit down with a judge and make choices about the outcome of a court order. When you and the other party are given court orders, you both will have to follow them, like them or not. When you sit down and discuss options for working out your issues, you have greater chances of walking out happier with the outcome.

If you and your family are in disagreement about the will of a recently deceased loved one, making it a point to interact through mediation sessions is a good idea (from a professional such as Leon J Teichner & Associates, P.C.).